We're hiring React, Rails, and Redshift engineers.

Next-generation technology built for pharmacy teams.

The pandemic has forced health systems to find savings opportunities fast. Is your team prepared?

Healthcare is rapidly evolving, and the pandemic has forced organizations to adapt faster than ever before. Our technology was built to help one of the largest health systems in the country proactively identify, monitor, and realize significant cost-saving opportunities without sacrificing patient outcomes.

Health system pharmacy teams around the country face a common challenge - realize significant savings for their organization, while maintaining and improving patient outcomes. This leaves teams scrambling to find opportunities, let alone proactively identifying and realizing savings. Our mission is to help pharmacy teams at health systems across the country focus on what they do best: look after the patients they serve.

We do this by building next-generation technology, pairing it with some of the best clinical and technology minds in the country, and building a service to serve you.


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